Ducati MN

cropped-IMG_2757.jpgMinneapolis, MN is not the most common place to find a real treasure like a Elitè Mach 1 or a Diana. But if you look hard enough there is a few of them here. Some of the Ducatis on this site were restorations from 20 years ago. Some of the Ducatis on the site are from 2014-15 and special thanks to companies out there like Classic Ducatis, Classic Italian Bikes, Italian- Motorbikes, The Ducati Diana 250 Mark 3 descended from a long line of Ducati singles that had excelled in Italy’s city-to-city giros. When it was introduced it set new standards for 250cc production bikes and was Ducati’s first big success in the U.S. market. Its timing was impeccable, as permanent road courses had been built in the previous decade and road racing was emerging from the shadows of flat track and scrambles. Cycle World tested an example in 1963, and the Mark 3 established itself as the fastest production 250 in the world. A Diana would also win a race at Daytona that year, but as was pointed out in the Cycle World test, the Mark 3 was rated as, “the fastest, and nearly the smoothest, standard motorcycle in the 250cc class.” When you added gorgeous looks to the performance package, Ducati had a winner. These narrow case singles are now among the most sought after by the cognoscenti. Their jewel-like finish and diminutive size seem to attract collectors who keep them in their living rooms. These small-displacement Ducatis built the foundation for the superbikes we know today.