1961 Ducati Elité SS Photos

1961 Ducati Elité SS  Photos

Road Trip to  Skiatook, OK

Ducati Elité SS 1

This is what the 1961 Ducati Elité SS looked like when I got her in Skiatook OK. She was sitting outside under a canopy. The weather was a brisk 29° and it felt like 0°. I had been driving for 11 hours and was completely exhausted.

Ducati Elité SS 2

Here she is sitting in the back of the truck with a nice frost on her. This will be the last time she sees this. This bike will be ridden and loved but not abused.

Ducati Elité SS 3

Couldn’t help but look at the bike even though I could not feel my fingers. It was so cold I thought I was back in Minnesota.

Ducati Elité SS 4

The thought of leaving this bike in the back of the truck over night in a unknown area was pretty easy. Most people wouldn’t know what they were even looking at. Let alone put a value on it. I wasn’t worried in the least that some one was going to steal it. In this neighbor hood they would have stolen the truck and left the bike :)

Ducati Elité SS 6

The poor girl had lots of oxidization on her aluminum and rust on the Megaphone. I had no intentions of polishing the bike to a mirror finish. I love her original look. All I wanted to do was get her home and clean her up a bit. Get the white crust off of her and put some new fluids in the old girl.

Ducati Elité SS 9

I was really happy to see the original Elité frame numbers but look at that battery strap. All rusty and bent up. I polished it up and re painted it with a nice flat black. All of the patina of the original strap is still there.

Ducati Elité SS 11

Here is the 1961 Ducati Elité back in Minneapolis, MN cleaned up and warm and cozy.

Ducati Elité SS 12