1965 Ducati Mach 1

1965 Ducati Mach 1

The term Mach 1 is used in Aeronautics to indicate the speed of sound. Although the Ducati 250 was not a speed demon it was pretty quick for its time. It had been upgraded to a 5 speed gear box which was pretty uncommon for the time and became a favorite amongst many Ducati enthusiasts. The Ducati Mach 1 also had a clean streamlined look, fitted with set back foot rests, clip-on bars, narrow sports seat, a street exhaust Silentium or Megaphone exhaust. Ducati Mach 1

The Ducati Mach 1 was extremely sporty for 1965 but it was also very uncomfortable to ride especially on rough roads. As far as starting the bike, that to posed a issue. Usually one would have to flood the carb with the tickler and place the kicker with the piston at just the right spot in the stroke to get it to start. If that didn’t work bump starting the Ducati was always a second favorite. 1965 Ducati Mach 1

Once started the Ducati 250 Mach 1 was a wonderful light and nimble motorcycle. It boasted 24 H.P. at 8500 RPM. The first four gears were very close and provided good mid range; fifth gear had a much longer ratio and was really only used to cruise or used as a overdrive. The Ducati had superb handling and was wonderful to take through the curves and corners. Dellorto SS1 29 Carb

The Ducati Mach 1 was fitted with a Dellorto SS1 29 Carb with Velocity Stack.

Mach 1 Seat

The Mach 1 beautiful cafè seat with sued center and wonderful Ducati badge on the rear.

Tool Box Mach 1

Fitted with wonderful hand pinstriped tool boxes on both sides of the motorcycle.

1965 Mach 1

Ducati fitted a beautiful gas tank to the Mach 1 with a off color more tomato red than the other model Ducatis.

1965 Ducati Mach 1 Controls


The Mach 1 was also beautifully equipped with Clip-Ons and Veglia Tachometer. This was one of the customizations that made this street / race machine a hit in the 60’s. Truly a timeless icon.